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The International Institute for Implementing Sustainable Development (MIITR) is a private NGO, established in 2017 in Maribor, Slovenia. Its main activity is research and development in the fields of sustainability, comprehending environmental, economic, social, and lately smart and digital dimensions, especially when considering innovative forms of learning. MIITR personnel has a high proficiency knowledge, competences and expertise in the fields of economic, environment, social, and computer sciences as well as project management, promotion and dissemination activities.

Innovation Hive is a private non-profit organization located in Greece, specialized in the fields of research and innovation. Our actions aim to enhance the economic and social cohesion of European societies while our goal is to find solutions to the new innovation challenges, achieve growth, sustainability and maximize the impact to the society. The organization’s philosophy in order to achieve these goals is based on co-creation methodologies and a quadruple helix approach. The engagement of stakeholders from industry, science and society is aiming to create links between the businesses, the academia and the civic actors in order to develop a combination of knowledge, skills, tools, values and motivation. The final goal is to make the difference in local societies and to succeed at the highest level the principles of social innovation concepts.

ipcenter is one of the leading private training and education providers in Austria. It is part of the eduPRO group with affiliated companies in Austria, Germany and Hungary, all of them offering innovative, high-level educational and training services. Company and staff can refer to more than 20 years of experience in the field of vocational training, business training and management coaching. The core competence of the company is analysing the needs of trainings and further education and developing tailor-made trainings. In addition to its core competences on the national level (education services for youth and adults) and the combined expertise of the other group members, ipcenter is also active in the field of international project development and management.

Chamber of Larissa: Larissa Chamber of Commerce is one of the most important and robust Chambers in Greece. It represents 20.000 active members and owns office facilities in the city center, exhibition halls and branches throughout the region. In addition, our team of experts using the latest technology applications aim to support entrepreneurship and development in our region, firmly believing in the potential and dynamics of the local entrepreneurs. The Chamber of Commerce of Larissa was founded in 1946, in a mixed form until 1978, when it was divided into Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Industry. Ten years later, the chambers were reunited to its present form, Larissa Chamber of Commerce. Our Chamber operates under the Ministry of Development and has a great record of activities and interventions.

The Maribor Regional Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship was established in accordance with the Crafts Act, the Statute of the Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship of Slovenia (hereinafter: OZS) and the Statute of OOZ Maribor, as an independent, professional, non-partisan organization. In accordance with the Crafts Act, the Statute of OZS and the Statute of OOZ Maribor, the Chamber monitors and discusses the issue of crafts, takes care of its harmonious development, represents the interests of its members before local and regional authorities, keeps a trade register in its area and its part tasks important for the overall functioning of the chamber system entrusted to it by the OZS.

DAYNA–H Ltd., Burgas, Bulgaria, is licenced training provider with a VET center registered under No.200512283. The company has an agreement with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the National Employment Agency as provider of vocational training and key competences for unemployed and job seekers. The company has contractual relationships with state and local government institutions and private sector companies to provide training in various professional qualifications and key competencies. The company has also its licensed Center for Information and Career Orientation where it performs mediation in employment within the Republic of Bulgaria. From the beginning of 2020 DAYNA-H Ltd. was authorized to conduct employment mediation in foreign countries. The company currently delivers training for vocational qualification covering about 90 specialties.

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